David Gusevski is a student currently living in Sydney, studying a Bachelor of Communications with a Major in Digital Media at the University of Wollongong.

Aspiring for a career in the field of Social Media Gusevski has a passion for visual practices. He is an efficient and creative worker with an attitude focused on developing strong connections with others. He looks to utilise his strategic activities too assist companies, clients and websites to gain traction and traffic through creating and linking to engaging context. This can include posts, videography, articles, photography, blogs and websites. Gusevski looks at implement his skills to capture and engage audiences as well as focusing on maintain a level of online presence and current trends.

As an avid social media user himself he has a sound understanding of how all platforms operate as well as extensive knowledge on emerging media technologies. Gusevski is a self directed graduate who is egger to learn and grow in an inspiring workplace environment. His main aim is to produce content that he is proud of to others who love it and enjoy it as much as he does.